APM.AUTO_COLD - APMonitor Option

Global Options | Local Options
 Type: Integer, Input
 Default Value: 0
 Description: Automatically cold start model after a
              specified number of bad cycles
              0  = do not auto coldstart
              1+ = cold start after specified number of
                   bad cycles as recorded by BAD_CYCLES

AUTO_COLD is the number of consecutive bad cycles to wait to attempt a COLDSTART as an initialization mode for an application. It is by default at 0 (no action with bad cycles) but can be set to a higher integer level (1+) as a trigger to initiate a coldstart. When the AUTO_COLD limit is reached, the COLDSTART flag is set to 1 (ON) and it remains on until there is a successful solution. Once a successful solution is found, COLDSTART and BAD_CYCLES are set to zero.


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