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There are several opportunities to get involved in the community of users. Two opportunities include regular Webinars from leading experts and with a discussion forum where questions can be posted or answered with the Google Group: (Visit discussion group).

Discussion Forum

APMonitor User's Group is a discussion forum for new and experienced users of optimization and control software.  It is dedicated to sharing user experiences and submitting feature requests.  First time users are encouraged to work through a few tutorial examples.  APMonitor is designed with minimal overhead syntax so that constraints, variables, equations, and data structures are a natural expression of the actual problem.  This allows the user to focus more on their problem and less on the language.

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Software for differential algebraic systems

Experienced AIMMS, AMPL, GAMS, Modelica, or gProms users will likely find the modeling language easy to learn.  These tools are for solving Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINLP) problems.  There are a number of software tools that can solve differential and algebraic equations (DAEs).  These include gProms, MATLAB, Modellica, and others.  A comparison of a gravity drained water tank model is used a benchmark for these modeling languages.  These software tools are very good at providing a flexible environment for DAE simulation.  New users are generally impressed by the similarity to their native environments, the open-equation format, and performance gains for large-scale model simulation and optimization.


There are a number of places to get additional information about APMonitor.  There is the web-site at  Some example problems are posted to the introductory page for the web-based trial.  For those who want a quick start trial with the software, the easiest way is to submit a model at the on-line interface.  Selecting the "Instructions" link will lead you to the tutorial examples for new users.